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Apple Pay: Now you can buy Bitcoins from Apple Pay

February 17, 2021 06:10 AM

Apple Pay Now you can buy Bitcoins from Apple Pay
According to reports, users of Apple Pay, Apple's digital wallet, can now shop on Bitcoin as well as other major cryptocurrencies.

According to reports, users of Apple Pay, Apple’s digital wallet, can now shop on Bitcoin as well as other major cryptocurrencies. According to a PhoneArena report, Apple Pay customers can now use other cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, for payment.

While countries like India are already legislating to ban cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, countries like Canada are officially accepting cryptocurrencies. Recently in recent times there has been an increase in the number of people investing in cryptocurrencies with the consent of some countries. Bitcoin is currently the most valuable cryptocurrency in the world, hitting $ 50,000.

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Other cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, have also seen tremendous growth over the past 6 months. Many of the world’s leading multinational companies are investing in the cryptocurrency rally. While Tesla has already invested in it, iPhone maker Apple Inc. has recently joined the list.

To this end, Apple Pay has introduced the BitPay app, which allows users to purchase Bitcoin and use their app’s master card to pay Apple customers. BitPay wallets can be combined with both Apple Wallet and Apple Pay.

Bitcoin also facilitates cryptocurrency shopping:

The BitPay Wallet app allows customers to shop with Bitcoin in cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, USDcoin, Gemini Dollar, Paxos Standard and Binance USD. According to the app’s description on Google Play, any user can apply for a bitPay card and start spending on crypto.

However, this facility is only available in the US. In addition to Apple Pay, bitcoin can also be made for future Google Pay (Google Pay) and Samsung Pay (Samsung Pay) so that Android users can also take advantage of it.

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