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Sensex May Hit 61K by December End: Morgan Stanley

May 18, 2021 07:48 PM

Sensex may hit 61K by December end; Morgan Stanley
Indian equities are likely to outperform their emerging market (EM) peers in 2021, according to a latest report by Morgan Stanley.

Indian equities are likely to outperform their emerging market (EM) peers in 2021, according to a latest report by Morgan Stanley. The brokerage firm has kept its December 2021 target for the Sensex unchanged at 55,000 levels (base case; 50 per cent probability) for now – an upside of around 10 per cent from the current levels.

It believes that in a bull-case scenario (30 per cent probability), Sensex could touch levels as high as 61,000, an upside of around 22 per cent from the current levels, while in a bear case scenario that has a 20 per cent probability, it can go back to 41,000 levels by December 2021.

“Our set of 16 leading indicators and six coincident or lagging indicators suggest an improving market outlook for the second half of 2021. This is a stock-picker’s market, with ample alpha opportunity underscored by falling correlation of returns across stocks. Our pecking order: domestic cyclicals, rate sensitives, global cyclicals, defensives exporters and mid-caps, large caps, small caps,”.

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“India faces two opposing challenges – immediate shortages of vaccine supply and a medium-term problem of convincing people to be vaccinated. At the margin, the equity market will be assessing the shift in vaccine supply as a key input. Our earnings outlooks for FY22 and FY23 are unchanged from where we were at the start of the year,”.

Ridham Desai, head of India research and India equity strategist at Morgan Stanley in a coauthored report with Sheela Rathi and Nayant Parekh wrote, “Our unchanged BSE Sensex target of 55,000. This level implies that the BSE Sensex would trade at a forward P/E multiple of 17.5x and a trailing P/E of 21.2, ahead of the 25-year average of 19.7x.

This premium over the historical average reflects a higher confidence in the medium-term growth cycle in India. We are overweight on India in a global emerging markets (GEMs) context.”

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